Deconstructed Pageantry

Deconstructed Pageantry

Ceremonial uniform, off-guard. Regimental jackets are reimagined as sleeveless shirts while equestrian details decorate dressage coats and trenches.

Collarless ceremonial jackets are flanked with decorative crested buttons and regimental tailoring.

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Deconstructed pageantry

Wool Cropped Ceremonial Jacket in Orange Red
Rib Knit Wool Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in Charcoal
Felted Wool Tailcoat in Black
Herringbone Cotton Tie-neck Riding Shirt in White

Camel Hair Wool Chesterfield
Contrast Kiltie Fringe Leather Loafers in Rust Red/red Claret
Bonded Cotton Oversized Seam-sealed Car Coat in Beige/red
Poplin Track Pants with Contrast Piping in White
Contrast Kiltie Fringe Leather Loafers in Black/pale Saffron Yellow
Worsted Cotton Poplin Evening Shirt in White
Cotton Twill Cropped Chinos in Navy
Grandad Collar Plastic Bib Cotton Shirt in White

Tie a red silk bandana around the neck for relaxed uniform dressing.